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Personal business loans

Personal business loans 

 , business
comprehensive business loan is defined to mean natural person holding a legal business license directly to our bank loan applications have provided meets the requirements of Bank mortgage or pledge guarantee, loan, business loans.
II, and borrowing object and conditions
1, and has completely civil capacity, and has engaged in business experience of natural;
2, and has fixed of business site, and marketable of products, and high of business capacity and the economic strength, and do honest and trustworthy, and business legal, and has regular reimbursement loan principal and interest of capacity;
3, and in loan people where city has fixed residence, resident account or effective residence proved;
4, and borrowing people should provides I line recognized of effective right for pledge, Or personal property as collateral;
5, open a settlement account at the Bank;
6, can provide documentation of meet the requirements of our business.
III, the distinctive
1, the procedure is simple: each branch may bid. Diverse
2, guarantees: mortgages, valued document pledged to choose from.
3, wide range of uses: used as an individual, private, small and medium sized private enterprises with short-term liquidity;
4, flexible repayment: regular settlement, due a return, or phased return; or a mortgage, monthly payment.
5, cost: free notary fees, free insurance, free legal fees. Mortgages of less than 300,000 yuan according to operate the line needs to be exempt from assessment fees.
1,/> IV, business loan amount: arrival finds that a certain percentage of the value of the collateral, according to my line determine guarantee and credit my credit score criteria to determine the;
2, limit terms: loans for a period of one year;
3, loan interest rates: by peoples Bank loans with interest rates and our relevant floating interest rate shall apply. Deposit the more interest the more provinces.

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