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National interest policy to promote an increase in home loans

  only in the central banks cut interest rates twice this year, is the country's real estate market is hot. Rate cuts really is real estate hot cause it? A lot of people have this question unsecured loans to everyone that said the Central Bank's two interest rate cuts impact on China's real estate.
for the Central Bank's rate cut was indeed promoted the increase of buying a House, but that's not the main reason. Bought a house in the increase mainly because of real estate recently are very low, people want to buy a House when prices are low rise, you can spend to sell can get high profits in the middle. But the loan for each month of working class was a lot of pressure, because the cut was caused by rise in repayments. For the average family, when extremely aggravated the burden on families. State cuts may not be the reason to promote real estate hot. And Central Bank interest rate cuts aimed primarily at are breathing every year, which means that interest will only change once a year, so even if the rate cut policy next year in order to enjoy this year.
based on the above analysis of the country's interest rate cuts, China's real estate market is very big. Amount of purchase but will not affect the Chinese market, will also have an impact in the next year.