Loan programs

Has his own home since his graduation depends on what is

  for those who are just coming out of college kids from school, when they find a stable job. Their next goal is to have a place, of course, is to buy a House. But for these new graduates how to quickly have their own houses and cars? no mortgage to us about several ways:
first way; I think we all realize this is congenital. Rely on the parents, parents are omnipotent. Want a House also did not easy, call MOM and dad buy a shot. Do not need too much brain.
the second approach: are your struggles estimated a two or three years will be able to buy a House of their own. It is difficult for many people, the hard struggle to finish.
the third method: this method is to sink some money a year or two, you can go to the loan to buy a House of their own.
This is the modern graduates generally three ways to buy a House, for us is estimated, in that it is very clear now.