Loan programs

More to credit than loans from financial institutions

  Bank in the promotional credit when saying credit benefits. But it really is so, credit really cheaper than car loans from financial institutions? Unsecured loans to join analysis, interest rates on bank loans is generally lower than the financial institutions, loan processing fees. Then what advantage does credit have, here to put it simply:
, credit loans subject to the laws of the State, consumers don't have to worry about being cheated. Loan trust, which is probably one of the reasons consumers choose a credit card loans.
b easy access, credit card, installment and repayment convenience. Loans without collateral, requires the purchase of the car as collateral.
III, the car's value, but rates are changing, for credit card loans, and banks are not going to lose.
these benefits are credit card lending in China still has room for development reasons, and credit is still a new industry in China, the State gave some support, so credit card auto mortgage can so attractive in the Chinese market.