Loan programs

Banks are step by step to abandon the traditional car loans

  banks wide range of loan options that are popular among consumers, but is becoming more and more demanding terms set by banks. According to mortgage is Bank lending requirements to extend the loan repayment period, which for some favorite bank loans for consumers to buy a car suddenly lost interest. For banks, the move, unsecured loan for your analysis of why.
Bank car purchased in the past used as collateral can borrow about 3 years, but implementation requires the use of mortgage loans in the Bank to 5 years. This high threshold, many favorite banks loans to customers outside the high threshold of plugging in the Bank. Why would banks increase their loan threshold, to reduce the loan clients? The reason is very simple, is that banks want to exit a car loan, bank credit card lending business in the car loan market place. Bank is a lot of work in this area, including information on credit card lending.
these moves banks really intend to launch a car loan, unsecured loans are only made their guesses. Above only represent their personal views, hope the broad masses of consumers think twice before drawing.